2015 at Old Pine Farm

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Fall '15 all "Ground Beef Packs"   

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We sell GMO-free, grass-fed and hormone-free beef, pork, chicken, and lamb.  You can become a participant of our Meat Bundle Program or sign up for a half or quarter of a beef or pork for your freezer. To find out more on the three ways we sell meat click here - Grass Fed Meat.

Old Pine Farm serves the Ann Arbor, Detroit, Jackson, Lansing and Mid- Michigan Clare area.

Our animals are free-range, pastured and fed organically as much as possible, with no growth hormones or animal by-products.  We do not use antibiotics unless needed for the treatment of severe illness. Humane treatment in all aspects of our animals' lives is our top priority.

We value genetic diversity and raise a variety of animal breeds recognized by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy and the Slow Food Ark of Taste that are adapted to our region.  Some these include the Highlander Cattle, Berkshire and Red Wattle Hogs, and Ketahdin Sheep.

Grass Fed Beef

Our cattle eat green grass and hay only. They are never subjected to a feedlot or fed corn. Our beef provides you with the documented health benefits of grass fed beef and is high on Omega-3. Paleo Diet?  Our beef fits your needs as it's 100% grass fed. We raise a variety of cattle breeds, for taste, hardiness, and genetic diversity. Our Beef is available by the quarter, half, or whole as well as in the All Ground Beef Packs and in the Meat Bundles.

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Free Range Pork

Our hogs are certified organic and/or GMO Free fed, free-range outdoors, and live in the sunshine and mud! We raise serveral different breeds of hogs including the Berkshire and Tamworth. Available by the Pork half or whole or in the Meat Bundle Program.

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Gift Certificates

We have Gift Certificates available in any denomination.

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Humane Animal Care

We sell you no animal given feed antibiotics or growth hormones. Our steers are not raised in a feedlot or industrialized environment

All of our animals live humane, stress-free lives. Compassion for our animals is given top priority.


One less feedlot pig and one more delicious Old Pine Farm pig means I have made a difference. An...

Anna P.