Grass-fed, Organic Beef, Pork and Chicken


Rotationally grazed , GMO-Free. By the quarter, half, or whole


Our hogs are raised unconfined and with access to fresh air and sunshine


100% Grass Fed & Pastured Beef, Grass Fed Lamb, GMO-Free Fed Pork and Chicken


Our 100% Grass-Fed Lamb Pack

Our Promise to You

  • We sell you no animal given feed antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • Our steers are not raised in a feedlot or industrialized environment.
  • All of our animals live humane, stress-free lives.
  • Compassion for our animals is given top priority.
  • We are committed to keeping the farm to table journey simple.

Our Clients Speak

I would like to compliment the high quality of the meat I received back in November! Everything has been amazing, I’m super satisfied with the purchase!
Doug R. Ypsilanti

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2 weeks ago
Photos from Old Pine Farm's post

Winter fun returned to the farm today! Just ask the baby who likes eating snow(remember those days?) and the cow who chooses to wear a white coat!

2 weeks ago
Imagen: Food Doesn't Have Ingredients, Real Food Is Ingredients

#Jamie #Oliver a "real" chef who goes the extra mile to promote good food says:

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3 weeks ago
Whole Lamb Pack

Average weight per whole lamb is 26­-34 lbs. (We sell by the live animal; weights may vary) Standard cut Whole Lamb Pack Includes 8 Chops (2 / pkg) 2 Shoulder Roasts (1 / pkg) 2 Leg of Lamb (1 Pkg.) ... See more

From our farm to your table, make each one of your meals unique and delicious with our farm raised lamb. Old Pine Farm’s 110% Grass Fed Lamb will give you the practical convenience of having a s…

1 month ago
Old Pine Farm

Did you know we harvest in the spring and the fall? And, spring is just around the corner. The time is here to place your order for our "bulk" freezer meat! Quantities are Limited. ... See more

GMO-free, grass-fed and hormone-free beef, pork, chicken, and lamb

1 month ago

Walking in a Winter Wonderland... Check out our latest blog post:…hecking-it-twice/

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