a loungin’ & a peckin’


From cows to chickens everyone is enjoying the warm weather!

The cows are mostly eating hay and “loungin” around, appreciating the sun and nice temps. Spring has not officially arrived on the farm- mostly because we don’t have mud- but a short, unofficial, spring is just fine with all!

The chickens don’t think things could get much better than this…grass and bugs are here!


We’re gearing up for a spring harvest, which will start in March, (but also enjoying a little bit of a winter break-pic below).  The hogs are getting fatter and the steers are BIG- they’re about ready!

Just a few more months and the grass will be here, some of our yearling calves will be heading north to pastures, and baby calves and lambs will be born.  Seasons are changing, days are getting longer, and we’re enjoying those warmer “moments”!

A cow “peeking at the photographer”!

A weekend enjoying fifty degrees in the U.P.