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Big Experiments and Small Problems

HAY!  It’s what makes a grass-fed cow’s “winter world” go round!  So what is a pea plant doing in our hay field?  Conventional farmers might cringe…most hay fields are a mix of alfalfa plants and pasture grass.  Why?  Mostly because of the time it takes to get plants dry after cutting.  Grass and Alfalfa do […]

“Good Help”

It’s hard to find good help these days.  Our part-time farm hand has moved on to “greener pastures” after helping us here on the farm for over two years.  Yes, Richard will be missed, especially during harvest time- but we’ve hired new help.  Planting, tilling, and plowing new grazing sections is a job that came […]

Hot days, cool nights, fairs and mud!

The long, crazy summer days are starting to wind down and the cooler summer nights are popping up!  Thank goodness! During the past few hot weeks here on the farm, a few yearling calves made it up north to “cow heaven”, the mud puddle is just right, we visited a country summertime favorite- a county […]

Babies, Bottles & Bales!

Hello All! Summer is underway here on the farm.  Baby lambs were born during the last month as well as a few calves (more on the way).  One ewe gave birth to triplets and one baby boy just wasn’t getting enough.  I wasn’t overly excited to add another chore to my daily list but a […]

From Devastation to Regrowth

  Rolls and rolls of burnt fencing sprinkle the roadsides, reminding passerby’s of the devastating fires which hit the Heartland of America on March 6, 2017.   Thanks to fuel donations and our abundant 2016 hay season, we were able to make a trip to the Kansas/Oklahoma area to offer a small token of help- […]

a loungin’ & a peckin’

  From cows to chickens everyone is enjoying the warm weather! The cows are mostly eating hay and “loungin” around, appreciating the sun and nice temps. Spring has not officially arrived on the farm- mostly because we don’t have mud- but a short, unofficial, spring is just fine with all! The chickens don’t think things […]


Meet my baby girl…

“BOUNCING BETTY’”   We do all the things together that any parent-child might do: She gets “changed” ~ She’s had (expensive) surgery on her insides~ And I keep her joints working and flexible (important for “running”)~   I’ve been asked if we have tractors on the farm and the answer is yes.  But for this […]


Pigs and Turnips!

    It was a GRAND day on Sunday for the pigs when they were turned into the Turnip and Radish patch I planted.  Some of the turnip tops were four feet tall.  The pigs rooted, unearthed, and discovered…truly Hog Heaven!

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