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Farming 2019: A few “moo-ving” moments!

  Willing to share! New babies and the first few minutes.  “Babe” the pig eating her summer salad! “Monday’s are always trouble with this duck” RIP Ruby… Missing grass! Year End Visitor. Just around the corner: 2020 moments Hope to see you supporting local farming this year!

Call Me Crazy

Where does U.S. ground beef… come from?  According to USA Today and other web resources our beef comes from the U.S., Canada, Australia,  New Zealand, Brazil and Mexico. A lot of the U.S. sourced ground beef comes from “old” dairy cows.  A U.S. dairy cow’s average life span is 4-6 years( The natural life expectancy for a non-dairy […]

Farm life, Broths, and Soup

I often wonder what runs through a dog’s mind… But now even the squirrels are in “WINTER MODE” and will risk coming out of the Hickory tree for some food! The farm’s in “WINTER MODE” too. Lots of straw to help keep the cows and critters warm. And the Bobcat was fitted with a new […]

The best things

About Fall- Freshly picked juicy apples, cider and DONUTS!   Rosy cheeks and stunning eyelashes!   Carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds and kids!   Warm comfort Foods like Lasagna (made with Old Pine Farm ground beef and sausage of course!)   Crisp fresh air and the smell of rain   A puppy dog’s grin amongst […]

“You don’t have to have all the answers….

You just have to be willing to share what you know” ~unknown I often get asked if I ever get a break and some “free time” from farming.  The answer is simple…yes and no!  Okay, maybe not so simple.  Yes, I get a break and then I share it doing farm activities! Meet Heather.  She’s […]

“Office Views”

View #1: My boss (the weather) said it was time to get these little- four foot by five foot round bales- stacked and tarped before the rain came.  It never did rain, but at least they’re stacked and tarped. Ready to feed for winter. View #2:  Did you know it was Cow Appreciation Day yesterday?  […]

“That’s how I’ll always be”

OK,  I have to preface this post with a confession.   I guess I could say that when it comes to music, I’m lacking “culture”.  Well, actually my tastes in music are closer to “hick” or “country”.   O.K. now that I’ve made a full disclosure (I feel so much better) we can move on- I was […]


Our busy season is upon us.  We’ve started our spring harvest, we’re beginning to fix and clear the fence lines, and we’re getting ready to take the yearling calves up to northern pasture. But I’m a little distracted! My oldest son informed me about a week or two ago that he is taking a permanent […]

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