Cows to Cooking to a little Crazy!

2016 hay stack

And another, and another…

#Farming this spring/summer has brought “one thing, and another, and another!”… One of the first “things” that separated winter from spring was to move our one year old steers up north to pasture.  That happened in early and mid May. We had a few late bloomers (ten month old steers instead of a year) that […]

mom & baby

“Happy Easter Baby!”

Newborn calves.  It’s so nice to see babies that are up bouncing around and active within just a few hours of birth.  The photo is of a #Grass Fed #Beef Mom cleaning off baby less than an hour after birth.  Just 3 hours after birth, baby was standing and getting milk…albeit a little wobbly!  Healthy […]

2016 babies 3

Spring is here!

Spring is just about here.  The robins are arriving and so are the baby calves at our partner farm- The Gardner’s in northern Michigan.  Our calves and lambs will start in May and you can tell “The Old Pine Farm Mama’s are getting bigger”!  Here’s one of our newest!

Bad weather comfort “Chili”

I recently made a great “comfort food” favorite- “Meat Lovers “Vegetarian” Chili!  I put an Old Pine Farm Grass Fed meat twist on a recipe from The Pioneer Woman’s Chili.  It turned out wonderful and was so tasty on a rain/sleet/snow evening!   Ingredients 2 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon canola oil One Old Pine Farm […]

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