Donate – Let’s help farmers devastated by wildfires

As a farmer who went through a drought and couldn’t figure out where next week’s $700 was coming from to buy trucked-in hay for my cows, I can put myself in the shoes of those farmers who are suffering through the hay,cattle and farm losses caused by the wildfires that ravaged thousands of acres in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Watch video coverage
Many lost all of their cow herd (reports say thousands of animals have died) and some of the ones who didn’t, lost their hay for feed (fences, barns, and equipment).
Ironically, for the first time since I started farming ten years ago I have extra hay. I would like to donate a flatbed trailer full of round bales to those farmers/cattle in need. But, in order to make the trip and donate round bales I need fuel and repairs on our trailer.
Please help us help the farmers and the livestock going through these tough times in the Heartland

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