How Do We Process Meats and Poultry?

Our farm produces conscientiously raised free-range, hormone-free meats and poultry. Animals are raised in a manner that is humane and respectful. Whenever grain is required for our animal management plan, we make every attempt to use organic or GMO free to help provide you with a “clean animal”. Animal bi-products, feed antibiotics, and growth hormones are never used. Our sustainable, more holistic approach to animal husbandry yields better tasting, safer and more nutritious meats and poultry.

We cannot sell cuts or samples.

What do you feed your animals?
We make every effort to provide you with a clean and natural product. When our animal management program requires grain, we use as much certified organic grain as we can obtain. Our cattle are not “finished on grain” -just grass! As far as we know, Old Pine Farm is the only farm in the county using certified organic feed for the species that needs it (pigs and chickens). Most locally mixed, readily available livestock grain/feed is not organic and has been sprayed with herbicides/pesticides. We go the extra mile to bring you the best – organic grain.

Can I buy your meat anywhere else?
No. We use a state inspected/custom butcher shop. All meat sold in restaurants, farmers markets, and stores must be processed at a USDA facility. We pre-sell our live animals to individual consumers. Our meat is direct from the farmer to you. You will be able to notice the difference in our meat quality!

Can I visit your farm?
Yes. We welcome visitors during summer and fall months. Check out our Farm Tours/Field Trips link!

How do I participate in your Meat Bundle Program?
Contact Old Pine Farm the latest information and harvest times. Select which farm membership “season” you would like. Then, use our Sign Up and Payments links to sign up and pay using PayPal or you can send us your check.

Do you have organ meats available?
Yes…to farm members when you purchase a bundle.