Hot days, cool nights, fairs and mud!

The long, crazy summer days are starting to wind down and the cooler summer nights are popping up!  Thank goodness! During the past few hot weeks here on the farm, a few yearling calves made it up north to “cow heaven”, the mud puddle is just right, we visited a country summertime favorite- a county fair, and prayed for newly pregnant cows.

No drought here!  Great green pastures and a mix of grasses and legumes.  What more could a cow ask for?

We now own three ducks…okay, so we went a little crazy at the 4-H fair auction.  But, the four of us have a daily conversation and when we’re done we’re all smiling!

Come on in…the mud is just fine!


Last but not least, we’re really hoping this two year old girl will become a first time mama next May.  We’re even hoping those that were “previous moms” will indulge their maternal instincts.  Time will tell.  Check out those nose freckles…so irresistible!