“Office Views”

View #1: My boss (the weather) said it was time to get these little- four foot by five foot round bales- stacked and tarped before the rain came.  It never did rain, but at least they’re stacked and tarped. Ready to feed for winter.

View #2:  Did you know it was Cow Appreciation Day yesterday?  I sure appreciate this cow as she had our first calf of 2018!  Mom and baby are doing well!

View #3:  O.K. O.K.  another picture of baby calf.  Just couldn’t help myself!  She’s SO dog gone cute!

View #4:  Where the chickens roam!  Monday we installed a net over this area to stop the hawks from roaming with (grazing and delighting on) our chickens.

View #5:  Meet “Boots” the barn cat.  His work ethics are lacking!

View #6:  O.K.  It’s not my office.  But it is my son in Montana who came home a few weeks ago to get “engaged”!  Just had to share!