Heritage Pork Pack-No Grain

Fill Your Freezer!

From our farm to your table, make each one of your meals unique and delicious our Specialty Pork.

You can’t beat this pasture raised, grass fed heritage (forest hog) pork for taste. These hogs were rotated on grass all summer and fed fresh milk only. No GRAIN, NO SOY ever! Get in on this pork for the upcoming barbecue season!

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Average weight per whole hog is 40-75 lbs. (We sell by the live animal; weights/cuts may vary)

Example of Heritage Pork Pack Cuts

  • 8-12 Pork Steaks
  • 3-4 Pork Roasts
  • 8-12 Pkgs of Pork Chops (3-4/pk)
  • 2 pkg Spare Rib
  • 6-8 lbs of Farmer’s Breakfast Sausage (1 lb packages)
  • 5-8 Nitrate free/local cherry wood smoked bacon (approx 12 oz/pkgs)