Whole Lamb Pack


From our farm to your table, make each one of your meals unique and delicious with our farm raised lamb.

Old Pine Farm’s 100% Grass Fed Lamb will give you the practical convenience of having a selection of lamb cuts in your freezer for whenever needed. It’s the logical choice for those who want to eat healthy and know where their lamb comes from!

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We are now taking orders for Fall ’24

Average weight per whole lamb is 25­-35 lbs. (We sell by the live animal; weights/cuts may vary)

Example of Lamb Pack Cuts

  • 8 Chops (2 / pkg)
  • 2 Shoulder Roasts (1 / pkg)
  • 2 Leg of Lamb (1 Pkg.)
  • 2 Lamb Shanks
  • 2lb Stew/Kabob (1lb / pkg)
  • 2lb Soup Bones (1lb / pkg)
  • 2 lb Ground Lamb (alb / pkg)

(Tip: 1 cubic ft. of freezer space needed- about 1 to 1.5 grocery bags.)

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