Terms and Conditions


This agreement is effective as of the date of deposit and contract electronically agreed upon by buyer making said deposit/order and Old Pine Farm, LLC (“farmer”).

    1.  Old Pine Farm, LLC agrees to sell an undivided interest in a herd/flock of farm animals including steer, hogs, chickens and lambs.  For the purchase of the livestock the participant will pay to Old Pine Farm, LLC a deposit/payment. Said deposit/payment shall be paid at the time this Agreement is electronically agreed to.
    1.  Participant agrees to allow purchased animals to continue to remain on Old Pine Farm, LLC or another farm selected by farmer and agrees to have farmer or farmer’s designee raise the animals until butchering time. Purchaser is aware that at the date of this Agreement, farmer cannot guarantee how many pounds of meat each interest will yield.
    1.  Purchaser, upon payment of the deposit/payment, becomes an owner of an undivided interest in common with other individuals who have paid a deposit/payment for an undivided interest in the same herd/flock.
    1.  Old Pine Farm, LLC covenants that all animals are in good health prior to sale, and that farmer or her designee will use generally accepted management practices for the farming of these animals. Old Pine Farm will not use or permit the use of growth hormones, feed antibiotics, or other artificial growth promoters.
    1.  Farmer or her designee agrees to transport the animals to a custom meat processing facility where the meat is processed one animal at a time.
    1.  Farmer or her designee agrees to transport the meat back to Old Pine Farm. Buyer agrees to allow Old Pine Farm, LLC to transport and store the meat until an established pick up time.
    2.  The Buyer agrees to make arrangements to pick up their meat from Old Pine Farm on the designated pick up date or within two weeks following the designated pick up date. Participant understands that if their meat is not picked up within two weeks following the scheduled pick up date their meat order will be cancelled and their deposit forfeited.
    3.  There are no deposit refunds at any time. Buyer’s balance is due at the time the meat is picked up.