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I started reading Julia Child’s book “My Life in France”. In the introduction, she talks about how amazing French food is and makes a comment at how amazed she was that the chickens tasted so chickeny.

I know exactly what she means, having been raised on store chickens and then having one of your chickens! They really are so chickeny! My husband agreed that he had the same experience the first time I prepared one of your chickens. Of course, one could say the same about all of your cuts of meat: beautifully beefy, lovely lamby…

Lisa R. Ypsilanti

I would like to compliment the high quality of the meat I received back in November! Everything has been amazing, I’m super satisfied with the purchase!

Doug R. Ypsilanti

We are absolutely in love with our beef and pork. I have never had pork chops like yours before. I didn’t know my taste buds were capable of providing such pleasure! 🙂

Scott S. Ypsilant

One less feedlot pig and one more delicious Old Pine Farm pig means I have made a difference. And that is a truth I can live with.

Anna P. Ann Arbor

I recently used one of your very lean beef roasts and made the most tender beef stew I’ve ever made (and I’ve been making this recipe for about 15 years!).
Thank You!

Anna W.

Even though I spend 45 minutes driving to pick up my meat, it is so worth the effort. I am happy.

Tina Y.

Bobby and I have both found that most of the meat we eat just doesn’t taste that great, but it has been hard to put a finger on it.

I have bought grass-fed beef in Ann Arbor at some of the “butcher shops” and some of that has really been ok. However, my husband, who has not touched red meat for over 2 years, yesterday ate (your) hamburgers with a big smile…! The meat was both nostalgic (we were raised with good meat) and mouthwatering at the same time!

Thank you for putting all this effort into your animals and thank you for sharing it with us!

Nina B. and Bobby L. Ann Arbor, MI

This is the best meat our family has ever had! Old Pine Farm bacon should be sold by the ounce; just like gold.
Ethically treated animals and environment *and* flavorful, tender meat? What’s not to love? Thank you Old Pine Farm!

Alex M.

Every year I am happier and happier with your meat.
Keep up the good work!

Joe D.

I have been a buyer for a year now and have to say I am so happy with my meat. It is one of the best investments I have made, supporting small local farms and getting a healthful product in return. I recently visited the farm for the first time and could see for myself that the animals there were living in a low stress, caring environment where they were free to roam. Just knowing that these animals are not receiving all the harmful additives, hormones, and antibiotics has given me peace of mind. And knowing that these animals are grown and harvested locally means they are not shipped from far away, wasting resources to end up at my home.

You have the power to make a difference too! Do yourself and your family a huge favor and make a commitment to become a locavore! Buying is your opportunity to keep your money local and support our economy. You too can change things for the better for all of us!

Tim W.