Walking in a winter wonderland & checking it twice…

While we were getting farm chores done and taking a walk today,

I realized how uneventful this cold winter has been.  Almost grounding…although I don’t think Lacey ever becomes grounded! Even the babies seem calmer!  Yes you’ve seen her before.  Ok!  I play favorites- hoping this calf will be one of my “mom” cows someday.

What’s causing this serenity?  It must be the lack of frozen hoses, frozen water tanks, thawing work, and water heaters.  Meet our new automatic watering system.  Installed last fall.  Push the paddle down (with your nose of course) and up comes the water.  No electricity needed!    I’ve been checking it daily and praying it wouldn’t freeze.  And to my amazement, through all of this winter’s cold…it’s still working!

Babies can do it….

and Mom’s too!

  And at the end of the day I reflected back on this “calmness”. A quiet walk and some running water…what more could a person ask for!